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take control of your epilepsy

app features

Epilepsy Journal is an app which allows you to quickly document daily variables concerning your epilepsy, such as seizure triggers, types etc.

The information you provide is organized into easy to read graphs which allow for quick visualization of your individual epilepsy trends and patterns overtime.

This app can serve as a valuable communication aid, by allowing you to generate a straightforward and professional report which can be shared with your physicians.

We hope that this App will allow you to: 

- Track epilepsy trends and patterns over time
- Objectively determine effectiveness of your treatments 
- Improve success of doctors appointments

VERY easy to use and user friendly

You can RECORD seizure details
Have a VISUAL representation of seizure trends
GENERATE all of your seizure reports
Keep TRACK of all your medications with reminders
CUSTOMIZABLE to fit your individual epilepsy
Available in 18 LANGUAGES
VNS and KETO DIET monitoring

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getting started

Press the SEIZURE button to record a new seizure

Swipe left and right to view your seizure history


our story


Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder which affects 1 in 26 people worldwide.

It can have a relapsing, remitting and unpredictable course. We developed the Epilepsy Journal app as a way to help manage our own daughter's epilepsy.  

We believe that our app can allow you to better understand your own individual epilepsy and can empower the epilepsy community as effective advocates.


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Dr. Tina

Director of Marketing

and Communications


Creative Director

Dr. Kruno

Medical Advisor

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"Absolutely ideal to follow the crises of a parent / spouse. Exactly what I was looking for !!! Thank you !!"

- Justine Haquin -

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