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Epilepsy Journal

Record - Display - Convey!

Take control of your epilepsy by using a simple seizure app available for free on Android and iOS 

Epilepsy Journal allows you to quickly document seizure triggers, types, medication and so much more.

The information you provide is organized into easy to read graphs which allow for quick visualization serving as a valuable communication aid allowing you to generate a straightforward and professional report which can be shared with your physicians.

for free

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Track your epilepsy with just ONE press of a button!

  • Record seizure details

  • Visual representation of your data

  • Generate reports – Share with your doctor

  • Medication reminders

  • VNS and Ketogenic diet monitoring

  • Available in 22 languages

  • Available on Android, iOS and Wear OS

Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder which affects 1 in 26 people worldwide. It can have a relapsing, remitting, and unpredictable course. Treatment of epilepsy can be frustrating, and has been accurately referred to as being similar to the popular “whack a mole” game. Whether your epilepsy is mild or severe, refractory or controlled, it is critical to objectively and consistently monitor certain factors such as number of seizures, seizure triggers, AED drug or ketone levels, and other vital information. Keeping a detailed epilepsy journal will allow you to quickly notice any changes to your epilepsy, as well as provide you with impartial evidence as to whether your epilepsy treatment is truly effective or losing effectiveness over time. 

Generates 5 different reports picture

In Epilepsy Journal you can record your seizure very easily with as much as detail you would like. Offering you a visual representation of all of your data and a whole section devoted to help you understand your epilepsy by identifying trends. The app organizes your data and generates 5 different professional reports for your medical team to help you objectively convey information. From our own experience with epilepsy, we found tha